Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Cherry Blossom Festival and Tour Part 2

When I last left y'all we were finishing up the tour of the Woodruff House. From there we got on the bus and headed though town and out to Mr. Fickling's House. Mr. William Fickling was a realtor and in 1949 fell in love with the Yoshino Cherry Tree growing in his back yard! He took a trip to Washington DC in the 1950's and saw the cherry trees there were just like the one in his back yard. He came home and started planting the trees all over town. Since he was in the real estate business he gave trees to his clients to plant at their new homes. We now have around 300,000 cherry tree in Macon! Just beautiful at the peak blooming time...which looks like right now!
Read more about him at http://www.cherryblossom.com/about-the-festival/
We went to the driveway of Mr. Fickling's house...his son still lives there so I am told!

We also went to Wesley Woods Neighborhood. I couldn't get any pictures... it is a winding road in a old neighborhood. But it was very pretty. They are planting newer trees now amongst the old...the old trees only live 20 or so years. Replanting is going on here and there...but still pretty!

After Wesley Woods we were on the way back downtown when....the bus broke down! We blew a hose. We had to wait about 30-45 minutes before the replacement bus came. Then we headed downtown to St Joseph Catholic Church. That was worth the wait...gorgeous!!

Such beautiful stained glass!!
St. Patrick's window...It was just St. Patrick's Day remember!!

This is over the front door!

And finally in honor of the Easter season...The Last Supper. (sorry... it's a touch blurry)

We had a great time and enjoyed our afternoon! Next spring come down to Macon and enjoy The Cherry Blossom Festival too!

Find out more info here at their website! http://www.cherryblossom.com

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  1. what a lovely church! God bless Mr. Fickling...;-)