Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day to one and all! It's not the best day for a parade in Savannah but I was reminiscing and found this photo from the one St Patrick's Day parade I was in... Now keep in mind it was a few years last century! I was in a play and the theatre had an entry so we all walked to promote the show...all 3 1/2 the rain. I'm the one with the umbrella! I am wearing a 1960's wool shift dress that was my mom's (notice the's a rope!) We were such fashion statements! Not the best of ideas, walking in the rain, since it was a musical and the show started in a week or so. It was Camelot..and yes, I was Guinevere. I don't think anyone got sick... Ah the memories...
Wishing you and yours a happy St Patrick's Day! Now off to eat my green grits!! :)

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  1. Happy St. Patty's Day......gonna pop in my DVD of Brigadoon with Gene Kelly!!!!