Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hit and Miss

So I got back last night from Savannah after a long day of visiting and work. It was an uneventful trip down. Had lunch with a friend, dropped off aprons at Polk's Fresh Market and went to my favorite fabric store to resupply. I left Savannah around 5pm. On ride back I was minding my own business, moving right along the interstate, no traffic, when I looked out the driver's window and there was a goose, heading right toward my window! I ducked! He was so close I could look him right in the eye! All I heard were the feathers on his wing up against the glass as it passed by. I looked out my rear view mirror and saw nothing... no body. So I am hoping that he just kept going and basically winged me! I had passed three or four of his friends hangin out at the tree line moments earlier. I like to think that he is now telling them all about the big gold thingy that jumped out in front of him when he was on his way to dinner! I guess it is all in how you look at it!

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  1. I love your goose story, Katy! You will have to come over too and check out my blog, there's a picture a page or two back with Tim and the dogs and a goose they got hunting a few months back! We all love our aprons here, and I've given out a few copies of that wonderful dip this week to co-workers! Yum!