Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival Market

Boy! Am I tired!! We had a good day at the opening of The Cherry Blossom Festival! It was a beautiful sunny day but a little windy. You should see my face. I don't know if it is sunburn or windburn or both! I have lovely Raccoon Eyes from my shades!

There were a lot of people walking through and looking. The City Market on the Green is not officially open until April 4 but we took advantage of the The Cherry Blossom crowd to boost knowledge of our Market. Hopefully they will remember that we are there every Saturday until December 19 (9-1) It wasn't until 11ish that we started to sell! But because of the crowd, most of us decided to stay later than 1. I'm glad I did because I doubled my sales!

Right by the end of our area, at 2pm, there was a Cherry Blossom event - Lawn Mower Racing. They said these guys were professionals... I didn't know it was a sport. It was a little loud. Hard to talk to customers. But at least I had customers!!

Next weekend we do it all again! Hopefully it will be a beautiful spring day again..but this time I will have sunscreen and a hat!!

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