Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Spent the day in Atlanta yesterday. It was time for Mom's 6 month check up with her Prosthodontist (dentist) and Surgeon. She has been recovering from serious rare sinus cancer for going on 4 years now. That's how I got here to Warner Robins...I was a Medical Assistant for 4 years in Savannah. I quit my job and moved here to take care of her. She seems to be almost 100% cured! But at this appointment she has been having some small problems. The doctors don't think that it is anything but the surgeon took 7 little biopsies from the site with results on Wednesday. Spent alot of time sitting in waiting rooms... the photo is of the prosthodontists waiting room view, It is small with a great view of the street. There is a loveseat in a enclosed front porch that I sit in every time. It's like it is my space! I sit and crochet for an hour or so...get alot done while I wait. The doctors in Atlanta are so nice and have been so good to Mom!

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