Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Raindrops on my window

This has been my view for the past couple of days! Yesterday we had rain and then, later wind! A few pine tree limbs to be picked up...but not till it drys out some. I have been wanted to plant my tomatoes but I have either been too busy or it has been raining. This year instead of a garden patch, I am going to plant patio tomatoes. I have two square planters on the back patio and they are full of weeds. So tomatoes it is! Hopefully I will get a good crop and the squirrels won't be able to find them! But they are pesky. Last year my garden patch was in the back of the yard. The tomatoes did not do very well...maybe not enough sun or too many weeds! Or maybe just the wrong variety. I hope that this year is different!

Today has been a busy day of sorts. Had to go to the Post Office first thing. Mailed an apron to Arizona! It sold after only 2 1/2 hours of being listed! That is the fastest yet! Also had to go to my favorite store to replenish my fabric supply. Then paperwork! I had not done February's either so it made for a "fun" day! But now both are done and I can move forward. Looking for a good recipe to post for tomorrow...think it might be an old standby!

But tomorrow it is going to rain all day... Oh well!

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