Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break Part Two

By 9:30 am we are here at the Biltmore House! It is early but there are a ton of people here! You can't tell we are having a recession! There are folks here from all different countries. Lots of languages wafting through the air... Very cosmopolitan!

After getting our tickets we drive up the driveway towards the house. When I can here in High School we drove up to the house and parked under the trees liked we owned the place!! Not anymore!! Now there are parking lots and shuttles. But there is also so much more to do. More rooms to see, the farm, the is very different than in the 70's! Sweet Mama first came to the Biltmore House when she was 11, in the 40's. She said it was dramatically different to her!

We take the tour...and get our picture make in front of the winter garden (inside garden). So after seeing all the floors (4 new rooms were opened the day before we got there!), we went outside to the kiosk to see the photo. Well, it was a great picture of everybody EXCEPT Skippy, who had his eyes closed! He said that he didn't do it on purpose...but he is 14, who knows! Needless to say no photo!

Off to the Gardens! Stay tuned for Part Three!

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