Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break Part Five

Well our time here in NC has come to an end!

We woke up this morning to SNOW! Skippy was so excited...could not wait to go out to the parking lot and stand in it! This picture is the view out of my window...kinda hard to see. You have to bend down and look to the left. We got our rooms on for $55 per night. We had very nice rooms! The view out the window is of the roof of the entryway into the hotel! But if you stand just right...close one eye you can see ...sorta. (Red and Skippy had no view at all!) But we weren't there for the view.

We got ready, packed our bags and went down to breakfast.

This was our view out of the window of the hotel restaurant.

Not a lot of snow could call it a dusting. Skippy would call it a snow day!

After Breakfast we decided to get a cart to load up the bags for the car. Skippy said "We don't need the cart out front.. I saw one of our floor" So he and Red get in the elevator to go up to our floor. The hold button somehow is held too long and the buzzer starts wailing. Scares to stuff out of Skippy and he jumps off as the door slams shut... and there goes Red... up by herself!

Moments later she is back with quite a look on her face and says there is no cart on our floor! Keep in mind Skippy is only 14, but knows everything like every other 14 year old! We get the cart and Skippy rides up on it to our floor. The door opens, Sweet Mama and Red get off... then Skippy and the cart when the door slams shut! It starts moving and I hear a faint knocking on the outside door. I wonder where I am going as I leave my family behind!

So here I sit riding up, past three to the forth floor. A man gets in and we begin the process of the elevator going down. At the second floor the door opens and there is Sweet Mama. "Did you hear me knocking?" she asks. I said "I hope Skippy makes it to 15..." as I make my way to our room. I hear Skippy snickering in the background.

We load up all our stuff on the "infamous cart" and head downstairs to the parking level.

Load the car and head towards South Carolina.

We make it as far as the Asheville Airport when the snow stops and is gone! So much for more winter...back to reality and warmer weather!

Next stop is Greenwood, South Carolina! This is the home of Lander University! Sweet Mama graduated from here and Red attended for three years until Dad got sick. Now Precious is an incoming freshman! Sweet Mama wants to see the campus (she hasn't been back in years!) and Red wants to talk to Financial Aid. As we drive into the campus..the consensus is the everything has changed! Even the Main Entrance to the campus has been moved! Old buildings are gone with new ones in their place. We find our way to the administrative building and go to the financial aid office and then to the alumni office. Sweet Mama is a Golden Girl as she graduated 50 years ago! She could not go to the reunion last year but the alumni lady gives here all the gifts she missed! We also look at old annuals and see pictures of Sweet Mama and Red from back in the day!

We next go to the bookstore to get Sweet Mama and Precious t-shirts and momentos!

We must take photos of Chippley, the dorm Sweet Mama and Red lived in! Precious wants to live there too!

After of tour of the campus, we make our way home to Middle Georgia. It has been a very fun-filled four days! Skippy is already planning his trip to Sliding Rock this summer...We will see. He turns 15 in July...I hope he makes it!!

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