Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break Part One

Welcome to Spring Break! After a fun-filled spring break last year (at Mall of America!), this year we decided to stay closer to home. This time it was me, Red, Skippy and Sweet Mama who made the journey. (Precious is on Senior honor's trip and Kojak is working). After finishing at the City Market on the Green, me and Sweet Mama packed up, counted our moo-la and headed home. We then ditched the car and joined our merry band and headed for the hills!

Three states later we arrived in beautiful Asheville, NC! We marveled how few leaves there were on the trees compared to home. It seemed like spring was just beginning here. The dogwood trees were just beginning to flower... After a relaxing meal in the bar of the hotel (Sweet Mama had to see the game) we went to bed.

So is it me or are people just rude? You have never heard so much noise, in the middle of the night, as there was Saturday night....door slamming, kids crying, folks talking at the top of their voices...sheesh. Do they think they are at home?! Please...

After a 4 hour night of sleep (yawn) we arose and prepared for our journey to the Biltmore House... To Be Continued

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