Monday, April 20, 2009

I need some advice! Big time!!

These are my children. Bella, the orange Maine Coon, is 5 1/2 years old. I got her from the Humane Society when she was 1 year old...someone had returned her! She is so sweet, loves everything and everyone! Beau, on the left, is a Balinese (I think?!) and I think he is 4. He showed up almost a year after I got Bell. It was a stormy day and the power was out when I got home. There he was, on my front porch, meowing (or should I say, hollering)! Bella was in the front window looking at him and winking! She told me he was sooo cute and she LOVED HIM and that we HAD to keep him!!! I wasn't so sure... So I asked around and no one would claim him. Long story short, he had a pellet in his leg where someone had shot him. He is a little mouthy, talks all the time, where as Bella chirps. So he a little operation and picked out his room!

So we all moved up here when Sweet Mama got sick the first time. They both became best friends very quickly.

Bella has taken up with Sweet Mama...everytime she sits in her recliner to watch TV, Bella has to sit with her. She also will sleep on Sweet Mama's bed at night! Sweet Mama loves it!

Beau, meanwhile, is my baby. Follows me everywhere, wants to sit in my lap all the time! It is sometimes hard to write these posts because he is in my lap...helping! He is very loving and so sweet...but wants a lot of attention.

Now my problem is this... He is waking up every morning between 5 & 5:30 wanting me to get up too. I usually get up, go to the kitchen and stand by the food bowls (where Beau say "Oh, there's my food!!! I forgot..."). If I don't get up, he beats on the side on my bed like is is playing a conga drum! And if that does not work, he goes to my bookcase (which I have booby trapped) and pees on a barrier I have put up! So now I get up, go to the back door and let him out on the screened-in porch. This will usually hold him for a half an hour or so, then he comes back in...if I am still in the bed, he beats again. It doesn't matter if Sweet Mama is awake and in the kitchen..he says hello to her and keeps on walking back to my room, hollering all the way. This goes on until I get up... Then he has to take a nap...he is exhausted...waking me up is a hard job...but somebody has to do it.

Now with Sweet Mama having to go back in the hospital and having a long recovery period, how am I going to keep him from waking her up? He cannot be kenneled, he hates it!! Talk about hollering..he would wake up the whole neighborhood! Plus I think he got fixed too young, but who knew his age at the time?!

I know I created a monster ...but just look this baby...gotta love him! He can be so sweet...

Any advice or tips would be appreciated!!
Please leave a comment!!

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  1. Let Pepper come over for a week or so! That'll fix the problem PDQ!