Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break Part Three

The Gardens at the Biltmore House are now open! And they are beautiful...lots of tulips! The Festival of Flowers started Saturday April 4!

We were there the day after they opened...and it snowed on the next night and day. Hopefully the flowers were not hurt! The greenhouses were hot, but full of flowers and lots of people! Below the greenhouse was this great gardener's gift shop with plants for sale. This is where we picked up the shuttle. We thought that we would go back to the house gift shop to pick up some souvenirs...but when we got on the bus driver said she was going to the parking lots first. We said OK and sat back for the ride.

First we were taken to the Deerpark Inn to drop anyone who wanted brunch to get off to eat. Then we went to a parking lot to drop off the first load. (there are 3 lots)! There we changed drivers and went from the first lot to the horse barn...which is across the street from the Deerpark Inn. Picked up 3. Then over to the Deerpark Inn...Again... Haven't I been here before?? The driver got out and went in. Now the bus , that this time was more than half full...with the original group of us...were starting to feel that we were in National Lampoon's European Vacation!!(We had now been twice to someplace we didn't want to go in the first place) Were we ever going to see the Big House again??

The bus driver finally got back on the bus with two people and we started again back towards the greenhouse. Back around we go... BUT this time did not turn back towards the Deerpark Inn! Let off the rest of the pack off at their respective parking lots and THEN made are way to the house. It is so pretty riding up to the front! Too bad I didn't take a picture! BUT....We are finally here! We buy our souvenirs (Red and I buy Sweet Mama's birthday presents, April 8, hide them in a big bag) and stand back outside to pick up a shuttle to go back to the parking lots!

Will we get to go to our car or go back to the Deerpark Inn?

Stay tuned for Part Four

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