Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Angel Food Crunch Cake

Today I have a recipe from my childhood...or should I say from my teenage-hood. Since Red and I both have birthdays in the middle of the HOT Georgia summer, Sweet Mama would make us this birthday cake! Nowadays you can buy the ice cream with the candy already mixed in, but this was a fun way of getting out some of your frustrations!! Go ahead and make it now so you'll have if down for your upcoming summer picnics! It is a great taste of summer!!

If you like, you can substitute with the ready mixed ice cream...but you'll be missing a lot of fun!!

Angel Food Crunch Cake

1 angel food cake (any size)
8 Heath Bars
1 gallon vanilla ice cream

Cut cake into two layers. Break candy bars with a hammer into small pieces (put in a Ziploc bag first!). Save 1/4 cup of pieces. Mix the rest with ice cream and spread over bottom half of the cake. Replace top and spread remaining ice cream mixture on cake (like icing!) Sprinkle on top the saved candy pieces. Freeze.

Uneaten cake can be refrozen!


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