Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break Part Four

After a fun-filled day at the Biltmore House and a rested evening at the hotel, we awoke on Monday for our next adventure!

We left Asheville on the back roads for Brevard, NC.
I went to college in Brevard and had not been back in years! It was fun to reminisce and look around at all the things that had changed! After the trip down memory lane, we headed for the hills! Actually it was the Pisgah National Forrest!

First stop Looking Glass Falls!

It is such a pretty place! Not too many people were was a little breezy and chilly! After enjoying the view we hopped in the car and drove up a little further to...

Sliding Rock

This was a favorite place place for me and Red during our high school days! We would drive the 2 hour from Charlotte to the mountains for a Saturday adventure! Sliding Rock is so much fun! Ice Cold Water...even in the summer! You had to sit down at the top and slide down the rock to the bottom icy pool of water! Not in a bathing your Levis' !! Back then there were no lifeguard, bathroom or parking lot! Now there is room for 99 cars to park in the lot (paid of course), nice bathrooms, and a lifeguard during the season!! Things have changed a lot!

Back in the day we parked on the edge of the road and rode back home in our wet jeans!!

It brought back a lot of memories!! Mainly of how cold and bumpy it was!!

We headed back down the mountain towards Brevard, when Skippy said he wanted to dip he toe in a babbling brook! So we stopped at Sycamore Flats, a picnic area just inside the Pisgah National Forrest! After a short break and toe dip we had lunch in Brevard and decided to head back to Asheville! But not up the back roads, down The Blue Ridge Parkway!

It was so pretty as the snow clouds were forming just beyond the mountains! Lots of tunnels and overlooks to be enjoyed! As we drove back we kept passing gates that on the opposite side of the street had been closed. We, being the flatlanders that we are, thought I wonder why the gates blew shut? Well, about that time a police car drove by and we passed another closed gate! They were shutting down the parkway because of the up coming was predicted 2 to 4 inches. Now keep in mind that this is a two lane road with no guardrails! By the time we got back to the hotel it was lightly snowing...Skippy was beside himself!! We had to frolic!
Part Five next!!

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