Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on Sweet Mama

Good News! Sweet Mama's cancer is not as bad as we had envisioned! After talking to the doctor this evening, he said that this is just a recurrence of the original cancer. It was confined to the biopsy areas and had not spread to the lymph nodes or other areas of the face, neck or head! There is no mass or tumor. He said that he tried to convince the other doctors in the Tumor Clinic on just radiation but that they all decided on surgery.

It will not be as bad as the first surgery, in the fact that she will be operated on from the outside. Last time it was through the inside of the mouth. The lips were opened very wide and pulled back. The bone and last four molars were removed with the bottom of the sinus being completely removed. This time the incisions will be beside the nose and under the eye with the upper sinus being removed and as well as part of the cheekbone.

At least this time we know what we are up against. And how much recovery time it will take. We all feel so relieved that we now know what we are up against!! Surgery is tentatively scheduled for May 5.

I know we will all sleep better tonight! We are celebrating with ice cream!

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