Saturday, May 22, 2010

All That's Left...

This is all that is left of "The Visitor". She made this bed for herself on was so hot here. I had the screen door propped open for her but she liked this space better! It is right beside the porch at the edge of the patio in a very shady area. Such a smart dog!

Yesterday Sweet Mama called the Animal Control people again to see if someone could come out and check to see if she had a micro chip... Bella has one from when she was at the humane society. They chipped every animal who was brought it, cats and dogs. (Bella is so 21st century..Beau is jealous!)

Sweet Mama talked to the guy for a long time. Making sure that if "V" was taken to the animal shelter she would not be put to sleep. He reassured her and said that only the "bad" animals were put down. "V" will be kept at the shelter for a week and if no one claims her she will be put up for an adoption or given to a rescue group.

So, sadly, Sweet Mama let her go when no chip was found in her. The rain was coming and now she would stay safe and dry. The reason we kept her in the first place was so that she would not get run over. With guarantees that she would not be put to sleep, she rode away. Such a sweet dog but too young and strong for Sweet Mama to handle. Plus she didn't want a dog anyway. Bella makes sure of that by napping with her everyday! We are going to go down to the shelter and check on her middle of next week... and take a donation of dog food. We will miss her.

Meanwhile....Beau is missing his dog. He looks for her all the time.

Bella, on the other hand, is overjoyed that The Animal is gone. She can now go back out on her porch and chill.

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