Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Rose

While catching up on my favorite blogs I came across this! My web-friend Janet has this blog She last posted about her flowers and Mother's Day. Check out her blog! It is one of my favorites!!

So I remembered I had taken a picture, to share with you, of my first rose of the season! Look how big it is...I put a penny on the counter to kinda show scale. I wish you could smell was wonderful! It has been a great spring for growing roses around here. Thank goodness the drought is over. My roses are thriving! More are more to come! ;)


  1. I LOVE the gorgeous simplicity of your single rose...I can almost smell it's wonderful aroma............enjoy it :-) Thanks so much for the shout are a lovely blog friend.
    Janet xox

  2. I left a comment last doesn't seem to have taken??? I wanted you to know that I think your first rose is stunning beautiful in it's simplicity. I can almost smell it's sweet aroma! Thanks for sharing :-)