Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Year

It has been one year since Sweet Mama had her last surgery. And what a year it has been... Doctors, another surgery, more hospital stays (in different cities), radiation, MRI's, weight loss... this list is endless. And yet we made it through it all. I am so thankful!

In the meantime she is busy. Goes to church, bible study and her TOPS group every week. She even went to Florida to see her brother and celebrate his 80th birthday! We spring cleaned the back porch..powerwashed and everything..even bought new cushions. That made her happy!
Yesterday marked one year. She was a little down all day. We went to Red's for a Mexican fiesta dinner (cooked by Precious who is home from college!). By the end of the night we finally figured out what was wrong. She thought that she would be more like her old self by now...and was disappointed that she was not. She is still having difficulties with her mouthpiece and the way she looks. Her eye is also still sewn closed. But she is alive and able to take care of herself! We have plans to talk to the plastic surgeon about her face...but so far there hasn't been much good news about a good outcome. But we go and listen what they have to say in person. Medicine changes so fast..who knows what new thing they have now to replace cheekbones.

So this is our last picture taken in summer 2008. It was at the volunteer fire department here. Every year they come by asking for support. With a payment you get a free photo and Red has taken the kids for the past few years to get their picture taken. This particular year Sweet Mama wanted to have hers taken too. So Red and I decided in would be a good time to have a picture of just us girls...Notice or coordinating shirts! Later, at the end of our shoot, we added the kids in! Of course it was flooding that day! I think we had the remnants of a hurricane passing can tell by my hair! It was great for the shot three of us but by the time it got to all five in was ridiculous! My hair is naturally wavy but by then it had taken on a life of it's own!! would have thought the photographer would have said something...but he was a guy! Whatever... now my hair is back to normal and a little long. I have decided with all the drama of the past year and no time to get my hair cut...I am going to donate it to Locks of Love. It will make a good wig for some little kid with cancer! I think it has to be 10 only a few more to go, then off to Savannah to get it cut! Just in time for Summer!!

Happy Mother's Day to all! We will be celebrating many more!!!!! :)

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  1. Your Mom looks so sweet..thanks for sharing these photos. Please give her a huge hug from me and Happy Mother's day to both of you.
    your apron making friend,