Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Visitor

This showed up at the house yesterday morning! Sweet Mama and I were out pruning roses and putting out the was trash day! When who came walking down the street and into the yard but this sweet girl. Now, mind you, Sweet Mama DOES NOT want a dog.

Bella , the cat who can get along with everyone, doesn't either! She will not come out on the screen porch at all... But Beau thinks that "it" is pretty cool. As you all know by now, he hates every cat that THINKS about putting a paw in the yard. But the dog, well that's a different story! He just sits and watches her through the screen...chillin'!

The dog is very well-mannered. Can sit and stay. She also has a bark collar on (I think). This did not stop her from softly barking from 3:15 til 4:00am! And then again at 6:00. I'm sorry... as sweet as she is , she has got to go! I put up flyers all around the neighborhood yesterday...even call the animal control people today(just to see if anyone was missing her). But I haven't heard back from them. Hopefully someone will call...they have to be missing her.

Arggggh...She is now digging holes in the flowerbeds... Someone better call tonight...please!!

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