Friday, May 1, 2009

The Adventure of Squirrely

The adventures of Squirrely continue... When we last left Squirrely he was looking over the fence watching the cars go by. Well...he has been very busy since we saw him last! I decided that this year I was not going to plant a large garden. I choose instead to plant just some patio tomatoes on the back patio.

I cleaned out my planters that had died back over the winter and planted my tomatoes, cages and all! My first attempt was very un-squirrel friendly I thought! Sweet Mama helped me to come up with this idea!
This lasted a few days...maybe a week, when I noticed that I had been out smarted by Squirrely! He had been digging on the sides of the plants...all the way down past the roots!! I had to do something fast! I went to my local big box store to find some medium size rocks to place around the edges. They did not have such a thing..just teeny ones that are for an aquarium! That would be more fun for Squirrely so I decided against it. I went back home and started looking around and came up with this!

Hopefully the spinners will distract him as well as the lower tinfoil! It keeps getting better and better...I know the neighbors are wondering what kind of art project I am making!

I already have blooms my tomatoes!!

So far Squirrely has not bother the tomatoes...he just chillaxing and figuring out his next move!!

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