Friday, May 8, 2009

Sweet Mama Day 5

Here we are at day five! Sweet Mama had a restless night last night...coughing the whole night! I saw each hour go by with about 15 minutes per hour of sleep! Her nose is stopping up on the good side which seems to be causing a post nasal drip.

I left around 6:45 am when Red got here. Went straight to the hotel and got ready for bed. I slept for about 2 1/2 hours when some rocket scientist decided it would be a great idea to get the blower out and clean off the sidewalk. He didn't just blow off the dirt like a normal person...he gunned it and basically played all the way down the building! He must have been 10!

So now I am awake. I lay around trying to go back to sleep but there are too many sounds going on outside! I fiddle with the AC to try to have some white noise but to no avail. I call Red, get the update and then decide to get something to eat..which involves driving! Now I have been awake all night, so if anyone I know had seem me you wouldn't have recognized me! Seriously, I looked like a train wreck! That's the problem with being a sitter. You never get any rest!

I got back from Mickey D's ate and went back to is now 2 or 2:30..I sleep until 3:48 when LB calls! So rest time is now over!! After chatting, a shower and packing up I head back up to the hospital! So much for sleep!

The good news is that Sweet Mama is going home tomorrow!! Yay!! Now we all can sleep in our own beds! The kitties will be so glad to see us. I know Bella has missed her napping partner and Sweet Mama has missed her!

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