Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hospital Oberservations, Sweet Mama Day 3

Has anyone every noticed that when you have a loved one in the hospital the temperature is either freezing cold or hot! Sweet Mama goes from being cold to hot...trying to regulate the thermostate is challenging! This hospital is so quiet at night and all the people have been so nice! Only problem we might have is that we are right beside the helipad... the chopper took out yesterday right before Sweet Mama came back to the room! It has not been back yet..but will.

She is having a better day today...It has now been offically 24 hour since the surgery (as of 1:15pm). LB spent the night last night and, according to Sweet Mama, was a very attentive and good nurse. Keep in mind that LB is the baby in the family...It's me and Red and then 10 years later...LB! Sweet Mama said that she appreciated his help..and enjoyed him!

We had a speech therapist come in this morning to check on Sweet Mama's swallowing. With this new surgery, the doctor sewed in her prostestic and put packing underneath and around it. With this, the prostestic feels like it does not fit well and the packing feels like it is filling the entire inside cavaty of her mouth. But we are learning to adjust and are loking forward to May 19 when it can be removed!

We are so glad to be having a better day. Hopefully with some rest Sweet Mama will feel better every day!

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