Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet Mama's On-Going Recovery

Sweet Mama has this sign hanging up in her kitchen. It is a reminder that there is something good happening every day!! I have been her caregiver here at home since Saturday. I have to make sure she has something to eat, takes her meds and is resting comfortably. It is a non-stop job. She related it to bringing a new baby home from the hospital! Boy is it true! I have been so busy...washing, feeding and cleaning!! Not to mention running my Etsy shop...But it is worth it! She is getting better everyday. Her main problem is not related to the surgery but to the cold she has been fighting for the last week and a half! With packing still in one side of her nose and cold in the other, sometimes it is quite a chore just to breathe! But like I said...every day is better than the last! Just waiting for the 19...when we see the doctors again for followup!

And remembering to "Look for the good in everyday"! It's always there!!

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