Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Baby and The Crack Of Dawn

This is the face of the Crack Of Dawn!! Today we awoke at 5:30!! And by the time it was 6:45 he was back in the bed ready for his nap! I tell you he is wearing me out! When Sweet Mama got up around 8..the baby was fast asleep. It is driving me crazy! I wish he could at least sleep until 7:30...I would be so happy.

Now his deal is...he likes to get up and go outside on the screened-in porch...Early! Just to check out the perimeter! He is my cat security guard making sure we have no intruders of the feline kind! Then he comes back in and tells me he is hungry by beating on the side of my bed. So I get up and the dark to the kitchen and stand by his bowl. Beau then say ...Oh!! There's my breakfast! Thanks...yummy!! I then go back to bed. All the time hoping that we are not waking up Sweet Mama...Beau also has quite a loud mouth and can be quite chatty in the morning!! I know I am enabling him, but it is the only way to keep him quiet! I wish I knew a better way!

It rained again this afternoon...more like a monsoon! So I decided to try a nap again...hoping no one would call..Thankfully they didn't! Only one crack of thunder woke me...and the baby! He came back to my room (from the porch) got in the bed and fell out! We had a nice 2 1/2 hour nap! Much better day! Now if only he could sleep all night!

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