Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sweet Mama Day 4

Well, here I am sitting in the dark...wishing I had asked LB to leave the booklight here with me! Can't read my book :( It has now flown away to it's new home in Iowa!

Sweet Mama had a better day today after a bad night! She is having problems swallowing with all the packing in her mouth. When she took her night pills, one when down and then one got stuck in her throat. She said that it felt like it burned her throat all night. Around 4:00 am she asked for some Tylenol from the nurse...she ended up with a shot of something which turned out to be Morphine. After restless sleep and crazy dreams we all decided that she must be allergic to it!! She had never had it before. Now keep in mind that she has had no real pain...just didn't feel like she was resting very well.

After a little sleep this morning, we had a few visitors! We had the speech therapist, the social worker and our minister from home! Mom enjoyed the visit from The Rev! It seems to pick up her spirits!

Tonight she has had some liquid Benedyrl so hopefully she will rest! As for me, well it's always tricky to sleep in a chair!

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