Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last Day at the Market..For Awhile!

It is my last City Market on the Green for a little while. Sweet Mama surgery is on Tuesday in Atlanta. We leave on Monday and pick up LB at the Atl Airport. He stays until Thursday and hopefully Sweet Mama can come home Friday or Saturday! Her surgery is the first case Tuesday...Cinco De Mayo. ( Her last surgery at Emory was on Tax Day and before that St Patrick's Day...what's up with the holiday surgery?!) I glad that it is first because that way we can get it over with and start the healing process. But that means we have to be there at 5:50 a.m. It is going to be a long day!!

We had a good day at the Market today. Red went with me as Sweet Mama has a horrible cold! (She was a lot better when we got home!) It was so windy!!! I had to rethink the display because things kept falling over. The rain held off until this afternoon which was good. I f it rains and the car is not close we will have a mess...lots of wet aprons!!

For those of you who are wondering who will be minding the store while I am's Precious! I have given her all the details on how to ship out all Mother's Day items! So don't let that stop you from placing your order now!! Oh, and another thing...if you want to know what I am adding new everyday...just look to the right of this post (top right corner) and you will see my Esty Shop photos. These are of the most current items I have added (the 1st 3 are of the ones I have featured for the week!) You can easily keep up with the shop here! The apron I have posted here is my newest, Breath of Spring Vintage Inspired Ruffle Apron! I love it! Don't you?! Thought I would sell right off but nooo... You never know what people like!

I will be posting updates on Sweet Mama all next week. Please keep her in your prayers!

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