Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Mama's Follow-up Appointment

Sweet Mama's follow-up appointment is tomorrow at Emory. We see the Surgeon and the Prosthodontist. She is having the packing removed so hopefully she will be feeling a little better! She still has not had any pain, just itching of her bad eye. If that goes away she will be a lot happier. She can't rub it because she has still has stitches below the eye. It also gets a little goopy now and then (that's just the healing process). These little annoyances are a bit trying to her but will soon work themselves out! We will know more tomorrow...It's just going to be a long day!!

Beau woke up this a.m. at 5:03...only because Bella threw up a hairball in the hall at 4:30. I tell you, if it is not one it is the other!! He stayed up until 7ish then came back and got it the bed and stayed there until 9:30! I had to get up at 8!! It is just not fair!! Yawn....Who knows what the morning will bring... I plan on sleeping through the night! I hope he heard me...

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